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Cardiovascular SPECT and PET imaging

Left ventricle function assessment using gated first-pass 18F-FDG PET: validation against equilibrium radionuclide angiography. F Ben Bouallègue, L Maïmoun, F Kucharczak, P Le Fur, F Vauchot, B Hay, E Rondet, D Mariano-Goulart. Journal of Nuclear Cardiology 2019

Feasibility of biventricular volume and function assessment using first-pass gated 15O-water PET. F Ben Bouallègue, D Mariano-Goulart, D Agostini, A Manrique. EJNMMI Res 2018. 8(1):92 Full Text.

Development and clinical validation of a hybrid method for semi-automated left ventricle endocardial and epicardial boundary extraction on cine-MR images. M Messadi, A Bessaïd, D Mariano-Goulart, F Ben Bouallègue. Journal of Medical Imaging 2018; 5(2) 24002.

RV function improvement following nitric oxide inhalation demonstrated by gated blood pool SPECT in a patient with primary pulmonary hypertension. F Ben Bouallègue, F Vauchot, A Bourdon, M Benkiran, C Boissin, J Charriot, A Bourdin, D Mariano-Goulart. J Nucl Cardiol 2018; 25(6):2174-2176 .

Area at risk assessed by 123I-meta-iodobenzylguanidine single-photon emission computed tomography: prospective study in 35 patients admitted for acute myocardial infarction and comparison to cardiac magnetic resonance. C Hédon, F Huet, F Ben Bouallèguue, H Vernhet, JC MAcia, R Gervasoni, TT Cung, F Leclercq, S Cade, F Cransac, B Lattuca, A Vanderberghe, A Bourdon, M Benkiran, F Vauchot, E d’Estanque, D Mariano-Goulart, F Roubille.  Nucl Med Comm. 2018; 39(2):118-124 7.

Assessment of the area at risk after acute myocardial infarction using 123I-MIBG SPECT: Comparison with the angiographic APPROACH-score. Vauchot F, Ben Bouallègue F, Hedon C, Piot C, Roubille F, Mariano-Goulart D. J Nucl Cardiol. 2018; 25(2) :572-580

Evolution of silent myocardial ischaemia prevalence and cardiovascular disease risk factor management in Type 2 diabetes over a 10-year period: an observational study. A Sultan,F Perriard, V Macioce, D Mariano-Goulart, C Boegner, JP Daures, A Avignon. Diabetic Medecine; 2017.34(9):1244-1251.

[SPECT Myocardial Perfusion Reserve in Patients with Multivessel Coronary Disease: Correlation with Angiographic Findings and Invasive Fractional Flow Reserve Measurements. F Ben Bouallègue, F Roubille, B Lattuca, TT Cung, JC Macia, R Gervasoni, F Leclercq, D Mariano-Goulart.  J Nucl Med 2015; 56:1712–1717

Is computed tomography attenuation correction more efficient than gated single photon emission computed tomography analysis in improving the diagnostic performance of myocardial perfusion imaging in patients with low prevalence of ischemic heart disease?  Benkiran M, Mariano-Goulart D, Bourdon A, Sibille L, Ben Bouallègue F. Nucl Med Commun. 2015 Jan;36(1):69-77

Should HIV-infected patients be screened for silent myocardial ischemia using gated myocardial perfusion SPECT ? Denis Mariano-Goulart, Jean-Marc Jacquet, Nicolas Molinari, Aurélie Bourdon, Meriem Benkiran, Mélanie Sainmont, Luc Cornillet, Jean-Christophe Macia, Jacques Reynes, Fayçal Ben Bouallègue. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging.2013; 40:271-279. Full Text.

Homocysteine as a determinant of left ventricular ejection fraction in patients with diabetes. Badiou S, Dupuy AM, Jaussent I, Sultan A, Mariano-Goulart D, Cristol JP, Avignon A. Clin Chem Lab Med. 2012 Mar 29;50(6):1099-106.

Influence of CT-based attenuation correction in assessment of left and right ventricular functions with count-based Gated Blood-Pool SPECT. Louis Sibille, Fayçal Ben Bouallegue, Aurélie Bourdon, Denis Mariano-Goulart.  J Nucl Cardiol. 2011 Aug;18(4):642-9. Full Text.

Comparative Values of Gated Blood-Pool SPECT and CMR for Ejection Fraction and Volume Estimation. Louis Sibille, Fayçal Ben Bouallègue, Aurélie Bourdon, Antoine Micheau, Hélène Vernhet-Kovacsik, Denis Mariano-Goulart.  Nucl Med Commun. 2011 Feb;32(2):121-8. Full Text.

Diagnosis of silent myocardial ischemia during the staging of HIV-associated lymphoma with FDG PET/CT. D Mariano-Goulart, D Ilonca, A Bourdon. Clin Nucl Med 2009;34(10) :731-3.

99mTc-tetrofosmin SPECT in coronary cameral fistula. L Sibille, V Boudousq, C Soullier, M Rossi, D Mariano-Goulart. Clin Nucl Med 2009;34(7):473-4.

Osteoprotegerin, Thiazolidinediones Treatment and Silent Myocardial Ischemia in Type 2 Diabetic Patients. A Sultan, A Avignon, F Galtier, C Piot, D Mariano-Goulart, AM Dupuy, JP Cristol.  Diabetes Care 2008 ;31(3):593-595. Full Text.

Osteoprotegerin : a novel independent marker for silent myocardial ischemia in asymptomatic diabetic patients. A Avignon, A Sultan, C Piot, D Mariano-Goulart, JF Thuan Dit Dieudonne, JP Cristol, AM Dupuy. Diabetes Care. 2007 ;30(11) :2934-9. Full Text.

Myocardial perfusion imaging and cardiac events in asymptomatic patients with diabetes. D. Mariano-Goulart. Heart Metab. 2007;35:1-4. Full Text.

Diagnosis of Diffuse and Localized Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia using Gated Blood-Pool SPECT. D Mariano-Goulart, L Déchaux, F Rouzet, E Barbotte, C Caderas de Kerleau, M Rossi, D Le Guludec. J Nucl Med 2007; 48(9):1416-1423. Full Text.

Myocardial Perfusion Imaging and Cardiac Events in a Cohort of Asymptomatic Patients with Diabetes Living in Southern France. A Sultan, C Piot, D Mariano-Goulart, JP Daures, F Comte, E Renard, A Avignon . Diabet Med  2006 Apr;23(4):410-8.

Reverse myocardial and vascular uptake of in-111 pentetreotide in vasculitis.Comte F, Guillemard S, Riviere S, Serre I, Bourdin A, Chevalier J, Rossi M, Zanca M, Mariano-Goulart D. Clin Nucl Med. 2006;31(8):482-3.

Risk factors for silent myocardial ischemia in high-risk type 1 diabetic patients. A Sultan, C Piot, D Mariano-Goulart, M Rasamisoa, E renard, A Avignon. Diabetes Care 2004; 27(7):1745-7. Full Text.

Automatic generation of noise-free time-activity curve with gated blood-pool emission tomography using deformation of a reference curve. C Caderas de Kerleau, E Ahronowitz, M Rossi, D Mariano-Goulart. IEEE  Trans  Med  Imaging 2004 ; 23(4) : 485-91.

Inflammatory parameters are independent predictors of severe epicardial coronary stenosis in asymptomatic diabetic patients with silent myocardial ischemia. C Piot, A Fontbonne, A Sultan, M Rasamisoa, D Mariano-Goulart, JM Davy, L Monnier, A Avignon. Diabetes Care 2003; 26(2):545-546. Full Text.

Major increase of brain natriuretic peptide indicates right ventricular systolic dysfunction in patients with heart failure. D Mariano-Goulart, MC Eberlé, V Boudousq, A Hejazi-Moughari, C Piot, C Caderas de Kerleau, R Verdier, ML Barge, F Comte, N Bressot, M Rossi, PO Kotzki. Eur J Heart Failure 2003; 5(4): 481-488. Full Text.

Cardiac rhabdomyoma in an adult: An aspect of technetium-99m sestamibi myocardial perfusion. MC Eberlé, V Boudousq,  P Becassis, D Mariano-Goulart. J Nucl Cardiol 2002; 9(1): 131-2.

Electrocardiographically gated blood-pool spect and left ventricular function: comparative value of 3 methods for ejection fraction and volume estimation. D Daou, F Harel, BO Helal, T Fourme, P Colin, R Lebtahi, D Mariano-Goulart, M Faraggi, M Slama, D Le Guludec. J Nucl Med 2001; 42(7): 1043-9. Full Text.

Routine measurements of left and right ventricular output by gated blood-pool emission tomography in comparison with thermodilution measurements : a preliminary study. D Mariano-Goulart, C Piot, V Boudousq, F Raczka, F Comte, MC Eberlé, M Zanca, PO Kotzki, JM Davy, M Rossi. Eur J of Nucl Med. 2001; 28(4): 506-513.

Semi-automatic segmentation of gated blood-pool emission tomographic images by watersheds. Application to the determination of right and left ejection fractions.  D Mariano-Goulart, H Collet, PO Kotzki, M Zanca, M Rossi. Eur J Nucl Med 1998; 25(9): 1300-07

Neurological SPECT and PET imaging

Brain 18F-FDG PET analysis via interval-valued reconstruction: proof of concept for Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis. Kucharczak F, Suau M, Strauss O, Ben Bouallègue F, Mariano-Goulart D.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Ann Nucl Med. 2020 Aug;34(8):565-574.

Absence of relationship between self-reported sleep measures and amyloid load in elderly subjects. A Gabelle, LA Gutierrez, ID Jaussent, F Ben Bouallegue, D De Verbizier, S Navucet, C Grasselli, K Bennys, C Marelli, R David, D Mariano-Goulart, S Andrieu, B Vellas, P Payoux, C Berr, YA Dauvilliers. Fontiers in Neurology 2019. 13; 10:989

Comparative assessment of linear least-squares, nonlinear least-squares, and Patlak graphical method for regional and local quantitative tracer kinetic modelling in cerebral dynamic 18F-FDG PET. F Ben Bouallègue, F Vauchot, D Mariano-Goulart. Med Phys 2019; 46(3):1260-1271. Full Text.

Reduced brain amyloid burden in elderly patients with narcolepsy type 1. A Gabelle, I Jaussent, F Ben Bouallègue, S Lehmann, R Lopez, L Barateau, C Grasselli, C Pesenti, D De Verbizier, S Beziat, D Mariano-Goulart, B Carlander, Y Dauvilliers. Ann Neurol 2019; 85(1):74-83 .

Exploration of cardiac sympathetic adrenergic nerve activity in narcolepsy. Barateau L, Lopez R, Chenini S, Evangelista E, Benkiran M, Mariano-Goulart D, Jaussent I, Dauvilliers Y. Clin Neurophysiol. 2019; 130(3):412-418.

Cardiac Sympathetic Activity differentiates Idiopathic and Symptomatic Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Behaviour Disorder. Lucie Barateau, Isabelle Jaussent, Regis Lopez, Elisa Evangelista, Sofiene Chenini, Meriem Benkiran, Denis Mariano-Goulart, Yves Dauvilliers. Sci Rep. 2018; 8(1):7304

Diagnostic and prognostic value of amyloid PET textural and shape features: comparison with classical semi-quantitative rating in 760 patients from the ADNI-2 database. F Ben Bouallègue, F Vauchot, D Mariano-Goulart, P Payoux. Brain Imaging Behav 2019; 13(1):111-125. Full Text.

Joint assessment of quantitative 18F-florbetapir and 18FDG regional uptake using baseline data from the ADNI. F Ben Bouallègue, D Mariano-Goulart, P Payoux. J Alzheimers Dis 2018; 62(1):399-408. Full Text.

Comparison of CSF markers and semi-quantitative amyloid PET in Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis and in cognitive impairment prognosis using the ADNI-2 database. F Ben Bouallègue, D Mariano-Goulart, P Payoux. Alzheimers Res Ther; 2017. 26;9(1):32

Sensitivity of [(18)f]-fluorodeoxyglucose-positron emission tomography in patients with active myelopathy. Ayrignac X, Orgeval J, Mariano-Goulart D. Mayo Clin Proc. 2014;89(6):859. Full Text.

A comparative study of Powell’s and Downhill simplex algorithms for a fast multimodal surface matching in brain imaging. JL Bernon, M Fourcade, JF Rohmer, M Rossi, M Zanca, D Mariano-Goulart. Comput Med Imaging Graph 2001; 25(4): 287-297.

Optimum tomographic reconstruction parameters for HMPAO brain SPET imaging: a practical approach based on subjective and objective indexes. PO Kotzki, D Mariano-Goulart, M Quiquéré, F Lyonnet, M Zanca, M Rossi. Eur J of Nucl Med 1995; 22: 671-677.

Oncological SPECT and PET imaging

Personalised versus standard dosimetry approach of selective internal radiation therapy in patients with locally advanced hepatocellular carcinoma (DOSISPHERE-01): a randomised, multicentre, open-label phase 2 trial. Garin E, Tselikas L, Guiu B, Chalaye J, Edeline J, de Baere T, Assenat E, Tacher V, Robert C, Terroir-Cassou-Mounat M, Mariano-Goulart D, Amaddeo G, Palard X, Hollebecque A, Kafrouni M, Regnault H, Boudjema K, Grimaldi S, Fourcade M, Kobeiter H, Vibert E, Le Sourd S, Piron L, Sommacale D, Laffont S, Campillo-Gimenez B, Rolland Y; DOSISPHERE-01 Study Group.                                         Lancet Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2021 Jan;6(1):17-29.

Intra arterial treatment of hepatocellularcarcinoma: Comparison of MELD score variations between radio-embolization and chemo-embolization. J Delicque, M Hermida, L Piron, C allimant, A Belgour, GP Pageaux, F Ben Bouallègue, E Assenat, D Mariano-Goulart, B Guiu, C Cassinotto. Diagn Interventional Imaging. 2019;100(11):689-697.

Analysis of differences between 99mTc-MAA SPECT and 90Y-microsphere PET based dosimetry for hepatocellular carcinoma selective internal radiation therapy. M Kafrouni, C Allimant, M Fourcade, S Vauclin, B Guiu, D Mariano-Goulart, F Ben Bouallègue. EJNM MI Res 2019; 9(1):62.

Therapeutic response to Rituximab in IgG4-related hypophysitis evidenced on 18FDG PET and MRI. F Vauchot, A Bourdon, B Hay, D Mariano-Goulart, F Ben Bouallègue. Clinical Nuclear Medicine 2019; 44(5):e362-e363 .

Evidence of subclavian vein thrombosis on first-pass 18F-FDG PET in a patient with relapsing upper mediastinum lymphoma. F Ben Bouallègue, F Vauchot, D Mariano-Goulart. Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2018; 52(5) :398-400. Full Text.

Assessment of translocator protein density, as marker of neuroinflammation, in major depressive disorder : A pilot multicenter, comparative, controlled, brain PET study (INFLADEP Study). A Yrondi, B Aouizerate, W El-Hage, F Moliere, C Thalamas, N Delcourt, M Sporer, S Taib, L Schmitt, N Arlicot, D Meligne, A Sommet, AS. Salabert, S Guillaume, P Courtet, F Galtier, D Mariano-Goulart, N Menjot De Champfleur, E Le Bars, T Desmidt, M Lemaire, V Camus, MJ Santiago-Ribeiro, JP. Cottier, P Fernandez M Meyer, V Dousset, O Doumy, D Delhaye, L Capuron, M Leboyer, E Haffen, P Péran, P Payoux and C Arbus. Frontiers in Psychiatry. 2018

Tumor targeting and 3D voxel-based dosimetry to predict tumor response, toxicity and survival after Y-90 resin microsphere radioembolization in HCC. C Allimant, M Kafrouni, J Delicque, D Ilonca, C Cassinotto, E Assenat, J Ursic-Bedoya, GP Pageaux, D Mariano-Goulart, S Aho, B Guiu, J Vasc Interv Radiol. 2018; 29(12) :1662-1670.

Pineal anaplastic ependymoma with multifocal intradural extramedullary metastases on MRI and 18FDG-PET. F Ben Bouallègue, F Vauchot, N Menjot de Champfleur, D Mariano-Goulart. Clin Nucl Med 2018; 43(9):319-321 . Full Text.

Post-treatment positron emission tomography-computed tomography is highly predictive of outcome in Plasmablastic lymphoma. Y Al Tabaa,E Tchernonog, P Faurie, AS Cottereau, H Monjanel, A Bonnet, S Le Gouill, E Gyan, H Ghesquieres, D Mariano-Goulart, G Cartron. Accepté pour publication dans J Nucl Med Mol Imaging. 2018; 45(10):1705-1709.

Retrospective voxel-based dosimetry for assessing the body surface area model ability to predict delivered dose and radioembolization outcome. M Kafrouni, C Allimant, M Fourcade, S Vauclin, J Delicque, AD Ilonca, B Guiu, F Manna, N Molinari, D Mariano-Goulart, F Ben Bouallègue. J Nucl Med 2018; 59(8):1289-1295.

Association between textural and morphological tumor indices on baseline PET-CT and early metabolic response on interim PET-CT in bulky malignant lymphomas. Ben Bouallègue F, Tabaa YA, Kafrouni M, Cartron G, Vauchot F, Mariano-Goulart D. Med Phys. 2017 Sep;44(9):4608-4619.

Utility of 18F-FDG PET with a Semi-Quantitative Index in the Detection of Sarcomatous Transformation in Patients with Neurofibromatosis Type 1. Combemale P, Valeyrie-Allanore L, Giammarile F, Pinson S, Guillot B, Mariano Goulart D, Wolkenstein P, Blay JY, Mognetti T. PLoS One. 2014 Feb 6;9(2). Full text.

Interest of (18)F-FDG PET-CT scanning for staging and management of merkel cell carcinoma: a retrospective study of 15 patients. Maury G, Dereure O, Du-Thanh A, Mariano-Goulart D, Guillot B. J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. 2011 Dec;25(12):1420-7.

Intérèts et Limites de la Tomographie par Emission de Positons au 18FDG dans le Bilan d’Extension des Cancers Pulmonaires Non à Petites Cellules. Denis Mariano-Goulart. Journal of Thoracic Oncology,  Edition française, 2011; 1(2):53-54. Full Text (french).

Metastatic cutaneous angiosarcoma complicated with severe thrombocytopenia. N Kluger, C Girard, E Boissier, D Mariano-Goulart, B Guillot.   Eur J  Dermatol  2010; 20(5):662-3.

Importance of [18F]fluorodeoxyglucose-positron emission tomography scanning for the monitoring of responses to immunotherapy in follicular lymphoma. M Baudard, F Comte, AM Conge, D Mariano-Goulart, B Klein, JF Rossi. Leukemia & Lymphoma 2007; 48(2): 381 – 388.

Accuracy and Precision of Perfusion Lung Scintigraphy versus 133Xe-Radiospirometry for Preoperative Pulmonary Functional Assessment of Patients with Lung Cancer. D Mariano-Goulart, E Barbotte, C Basurko, F Comte, M Rossi. Eur J of Nucl Med  2006 Sep;33(9):1048-54. Full Text.

Correlation of Pre Operative Thallium SPECT with Histologic Grading and Overall Survival in Adult Gliomas. F Comte, L Bauchet, V Rigau, JR Hauet, P Coubes, E Barbotte, J Chevalier, D Mariano-Goulart, M Rossi, M Zanca. Nucl Med Commun. 2006; 27(2): 137-142.

SPECT and PET: Miscellaneous

Diagnostic performance of 18F-FDG PET-CT for large vessel involvement assessment in patients with suspected giant cell arteritis and negative temporal artery biopsy. B Hay, D Mariano-Goulart, A Bourdon, M Benkiran, F Vauchot, D de Verbizier, F Ben Bouallègue. Annals of Nuclear Medicine 2019; 33(7):512-520.

Utility of post-surgical renal scintigraphy to predict one-year outcome of renal transplants in patients with delayed graft function. R. Guignard, G. Mourad, D. Mariano-Goulart. Nucl Med Commun. 2011;32(4):314-319.

Sternal infection and retrosternal abscess shown on Tc-99m HMPAO-labeled leukocyte scintigraphy. JR Hauet, ML Barge, O Fajon, F Comte, D Mariano-Goulart. Clinical Nuclear Medicine 2004 ; 29 (3) : 194-195.

Confirmation of the early prognostic value of bone scanning and pinhole imaging of the hip in Legg-Calve-Perthes disease. F Comte, V De Rosa, A Zekri, MC Eberlé, A Diméglio,  M Rossi, D. Mariano-Goulart. J. Nucl Med 2003 ;44 :1761-1766. Full Text.

SPECT and PET tomographic algorithms

Brain 18F-FDG PET analysis via interval-valued reconstruction: proof of concept for Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis. Kucharczak F, Suau M, Strauss O, Ben Bouallègue F, Mariano-Goulart D.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Ann Nucl Med. 2020 Aug;34(8):565-574.

Confidence interval constraint based regularization framework for PET quantization. F Kucharczak, F Ben Bouallègue, O Strauss, D Mariano-Goulart. IEEE Trans Med Imaging 2019; 38(6):1513-1523.

Interval-based reconstruction for uncertainty quantification in PET. Kucharczak F, Loquin K, Buvat I, Strauss O, Mariano-Goulart D. Phys Med Biol. 2018; 63(3).

Least squares dual characterization for ROI assessment in emission tomography.  F. Ben Bouallègue, J.F. Crouzet, A. Dubois, I. Buvat, D. Mariano-Goulart. Phys Med Biol 2013;58(12):4175-4194. Full text.

Statistic-algebraic Tuning Optimization for Regularized Iterative Reconstruction (PML and EMS) in Emission Tomography. F. Ben Bouallègue, J.F. Crouzet, A. Dubois, D. Mariano-Goulart.IEEE Trans. Nucl. Science 2013;60(1):144-157. Full text.

A heuristic statistical stopping rule for iterative reconstruction in emission tomography. Ben Bouallègue F, Crouzet JF, Mariano-Goulart D. Ann Nucl Med.  2013;27(1):84-95. Full text.

Comparison Between Rebinning Methods and Classical Geometric Re-projection for the Estimation of Missing Oblique Data in 3D PET. F Ben Bouallègue, J.F. Crouzet, D. Mariano-Goulart. Ann Nucl Med 2009;23:821-827. Full text.

NIBART: a new interval based algebraic reconstruction technique for error quantification of emission tomography images. O Strauss, A Lahrech, A Rico, D Mariano-Goulart, B Telle. Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv. 2009;12(Pt 1):148-55. PMID: 20425982.

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Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry & Bone Metabolism

The quantitative ultrasound method to assess low bone mass in women with anorexia nervosa. L Maïmoun, E Renard, H Huguet, P Lefebvre, V Boudousq, K Mahadea, MC Picot, R Doré, P Philibert, M Seneque, L Gaspari, P Courtet, C Sultan, A Sultan, D Laux, S Guillaume, D Mariano-Goulart.                              Accepted for publication in Archives of Osteoporosis. 2020

Body Composition in Individuals with Obesity According to Age and Sex: A Cross-Sectional Study. Maïmoun L, Mura T, Avignon A, Mariano-Goulart D, Sultan A. J Clin Med. 2020 Apr 21;9(4):1188

Modification of Muscle-Related Hormones in Women with Obesity: Potential Impact on Bone Metabolism. Maïmoun L, Mura T, Attalin V, Dupuy AM, Cristol JP, Avignon A, Mariano-Goulart D, Sultan A. J Clin Med. 2020 Apr 17;9(4):1150

Specific Effects of Anorexia Nervosa and Obesity on Bone Mineral Density and Bone Turnover in Young Women. Maïmoun L, Garnero P, Mura T, Nocca D, Lefebvre P, Philibert P, Seneque M, Gaspari L, Vauchot F, Courtet P, Sultan A, Piketty ML, Sultan C, Renard E, Guillaume S, Mariano-Goulart D.J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2020 Apr 1;105(4)

Periostin and sclerostin levels in individuals with spinal cord injury and their relationship with bone mass, bone turnover, fracture and osteoporosis status. L Maïmoun, F Ben Bouallègue, A Gelis, S Aouinti, T Mura, P Philibert, JC Souberbielle, M Piketty, P Garnero, D Mariano-Goulart, C Fattal. Bone 2019. 127:612-619.

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The effect of excessive fat tissue on the measure of bone mineral density by dual-X ray absorptiometry: the impact of substantial weight loss following sleeve gastrectomy. L Maïmoun, Mariano-Goulart, A Jaussent, P Lefebvre, MC Picot, K Mahadea, V Boudousq, C Fouillade, D Nocca, F Ben Bouallègue. Clin Physiol Funct Imaging 2019; 39(5):345-354.

Oral contraceptives partially protect bone mineral density in patients with anorexia nervosa. L Maïmoun, E Renard, P Lefebvre, H Bertet, P Philibert, M Seneque, MC Picot, AM Dupuy, L Gaspari, F Ben Bouallègue, P Courtet, D Mariano-Goulart, C Sultan, S Guillaume. Fertil Steril 2019;111(5):1020-1029.

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Vitamin D status is not related to insulin resistance in different phenotypes of moderate obesity. Manal Al Masri, Ahmed Jerome Romain, Catherine Boegner, Laurent Maimoun, Denis Mariano-Goulart, Vincent Attalin, Elodie Leprieur, Marion Picandet, Antoine Avignon, Ariane Sultan. Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism. Sous presse 2017; 42(4):438-442.

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