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Feasibility of biventricular volume and function assessment using first-pass gated 15O-water PET. F Ben Bouallègue, D Mariano-Goulart, D Agostini, A Manrique. EJNMMI Res 2018. Full Text.

Comparative performances of dipyridamole and regadenoson to detect myocardial ischemia using cardiac CZT SPECT. F Ben Bouallègue, C Nganoa, J Vigne, D Agostini, A Manrique. J Clin Imaging Sci 2018.

Evidence of subclavian vein thrombosis on first-pass 18F-FDG PET in a patient with relapsing upper mediastinum lymphoma. F Ben Bouallègue, F Vauchot, D Mariano-Goulart. Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2018. Full Text.

Pineal anaplastic ependymoma with multifocal intradural extramedullary metastases on MRI and 18FDG-PET. F Ben Bouallègue, F Vauchot, N Menjot de Champfleur, D Mariano-Goulart. Clin Nucl Med 2018. Full Text.

Fluorine-18-fluorocholine PET/CT parameters predictive for hematological toxicity to radium-223 therapy in castrate-resistant prostate cancer patients with bone metastases: a pilot study. L Vija Racaru, M Sinigaglia, D Kanoun, F Ben Bouallègue, I Tal, S Brillouet, M Bauriaud-Mallet, S Zerdoud, L Dierickx, D Vallot, O Caselles, E Gabiache, P Pascal, F Courbon. Nucl Med Commun 2018. Full Text.

Effects of the two types of anorexia nervosa (binge eating/purging and restrictive) on bone metabolism in female patients. L Maïmoun, S Guillaume, P Lefebvre, H Bertet, M Seneque, P Philibert, MC Picot, AM Dupuy, F Paris, F Ben Bouallègue, P Courtet, D Mariano-Goulart, E Renard, C Sultan. Clin Endocrinol 2018. Full Text.

Development and clinical validation of a hybrid method for semi-automated left ventricle endocardial and epicardial boundary extraction on cine-MR images. M Messadi, A Bessaïd, D Mariano-Goulart, F Ben Bouallègue. J Med Imaging 2018. Full Text.

Diagnostic and prognostic value of amyloid PET textural and shape features: comparison with classical semi-quantitative rating in 760 patients from the ADNI-2 database. F Ben Bouallègue, F Vauchot, D Mariano-Goulart, P Payoux. Brain Imaging Behav 2018. Full Text.

Retrospective voxel-based dosimetry for assessing the body surface area model ability to predict delivered dose and radioembolization outcome. M Kafrouni, C Allimant, M Fourcade, S Vauclin, J Delicque, AD Ilonca, B Guiu, F Manna, N Molinari, D Mariano-Goulart, F Ben Bouallègue. J Nucl Med 2018. Full Text.

Joint assessment of quantitative 18F-florbetapir and 18FDG regional uptake using baseline data from the ADNI. F Ben Bouallègue, D Mariano-Goulart, P Payoux.  J Alzheimers Dis 2018. Full Text.

RV function improvement following nitric oxide inhalation demonstrated by gated blood pool SPECT in a patient with primary pulmonary hypertension. F Ben Bouallègue, F Vauchot, A Bourdon, M Benkiran, C Boissin, J Charriot, A Bourdin, D Mariano-Goulart. J Nucl Cardiol 2018. Full Text.

Area at risk assessed by 123I-meta-iodobenzylguanidine single-photon emission computed tomography: prospective study in 35 patients admitted for acute myocardial infarction and comparison to cardiac magnetic resonance. C Hédon, F Huet, F Ben Bouallègue, H Vernhet, JC Macia, R Gervasoni, TT Cung, F Leclercq, S Cade, F Cransac, A Vandenberghe, A Bourdon, M Benkiran, F Vauchot, E d’Estanques, D Mariano-Goulart, F Roubille. Nucl Med Commun 2017. Full Text.

One year of nuclear cardiology in France. F Ben Bouallègue, D Agostini. Ann Nucl Cardiol 2017. Full Text.

Determination of the heart-to-mediastinum ratio of 123I-MIBG uptake using dual-isotope (123I-MIBG/99mTc-tetrofosmin) multi-pinhole CZT SPECT in patients with heart failure.T  Blaire, A Bailliez, F Ben Bouallègue, D Bellevre, D Agostini, A Manrique. J Nucl Med 2017. Full Text.

Comparison of CSF markers and semi-quantitative amyloid PET in Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis and in cognitive impairment prognosis using the ADNI-2 database. F Ben Bouallègue, D Mariano-Goulart, P Payoux. Alzheimers Res Ther 2017. Full Text.

Association between textural and morphological tumor indices on baseline PET-CT and early metabolic response on interim PET-CT in bulky malignant lymphomas. F Ben Bouallègue, Y Al Tabaa, M Kafrouni, G Cartron, F Vauchot, D Mariano-Goulart. Med Phys 2017. Full Text.

First assessment of simultaneous dual isotope (123I/99mTc) cardiac SPECT on two different CZT cameras: A phantom study. T Blaire, A Bailliez, F Ben Bouallègue, D Bellevre, D Agostini, and A Manrique.  J Nucl Cardiol 2017. Full Text.

Left ventricular function assessment using 123I/99mTc dual-isotope acquisition with two semi-conductor cadmium-zinc-Telluride (CZT) cameras: a gated cardiac phantom study. T Blaire, A Bailliez, F Ben Bouallègue, D Bellevre, D Agostini, A Manrique. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging Physics 2016. Full Text.

Assessment of the area at risk after acute myocardial infarction using 123I-MIBG SPECT: Comparison with the angiographic APPROACH-score. F Vauchot, F Ben Bouallègue,C  Hedon,C  Piot, F Roubille, D Mariano-Goulart. J Nucl Cardiol 2016. Full Text.

SPECT Myocardial Perfusion Reserve in Patients with Multivessel Coronary Disease: Correlation with Angiographic Findings and Invasive Fractional Flow Reserve Measurements. F Ben Bouallègue, F Roubille, B Lattuca, TT Cung, JC Macia, R Gervasoni, F Leclercq, D Mariano-Goulart. J Nucl Med 2015. Full Text.

Gated blood-pool SPECT processing software : the estimation of right ventricular volume and function in a clinical setting is software dependent. L Dercle, M Ouali, P Pascal, T Giraudmaillet, R Chisin, O Lairez, MA Marachet, H Rousseau, D Bastié, F Ben Bouallègue, I Berry. J Nucl Cardiol 2015. Full Text.

Is computed tomography attenuation correction more efficient than gated single photon emission computed tomography analysis in improving the diagnostic performance of myocardial perfusion imaging in patients with low prevalence of ischemic heart disease?  M Benkiran, D Mariano-Goulart,A  Bourdon, L Sibille, F Ben Bouallègue. Nucl Med Commun 2015. Full Text.

Should HIV-infected patients be screened for silent myocardial ischemia using gated myocardial perfusion SPECT ? D Mariano-Goulart, JM Jacquet, N Molinari, A Bourdon, M Benkiran, M Sainmont, L Cornillet, JC Macia, J Reynes, F Ben Bouallègue. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2013. Full Text.

A Macro-Quantification Approach for Region of Interest Assessment in Emission Tomography. F Ben Bouallègue.  J Compt Assist Tomogr 2013. Full text.

Least squares dual characterization for ROI assessment in emission tomography.  F Ben Bouallègue, JF Crouzet, A Dubois, I Buvat, D Mariano-Goulart. Phys Med Biol. 2013. Full text.

Statistic-algebraic Tuning Optimization for Regularized Iterative Reconstruction (PML and EMS) in Emission Tomography. F Ben Bouallègue, JF Crouzet, A Dubois, D Mariano-Goulart. IEEE Trans. Nucl. Science 2013. Full text.

A heuristic statistical stopping rule for iterative reconstruction in emission tomography. F Ben Bouallègue, JF Crouzet, D Mariano-Goulart. Ann Nucl Med. 2013. Full text.

Influence of CT-based attenuation correction in assessment of left and right ventricular functions with count-based Gated Blood-Pool SPECT. L Sibille, F Ben Bouallègue, A Bourdon, D Mariano-Goulart.  J Nucl Cardiol. 2011. Full Text.

Comparative Values of Gated Blood-Pool SPECT and CMR for Ejection Fraction and Volume Estimation. L Sibille, F Ben Bouallègue, A Bourdon, A Micheau, H Vernhet-Kovacsik, D Mariano-Goulart.  Nucl Med Commun 2011.Full Text.

Comparison Between Rebinning Methods and Classical Geometric Re-projection for the Estimation of Missing Oblique Data in 3D PET. F Ben Bouallègue, JF Crouzet, D Mariano-Goulart. Ann Nucl Med 2009. Full text.

Evaluation of a new gridding method for fully 3D direct Fourier PET reconstruction based on a two-plane geometry. F Ben Bouallègue, JF Crouzet, D Mariano-Goulart. Comput Med Imaging Graph 2008. Full text.

Exact and Approximate Fourier Rebinning Algorithms for the Solution of the Data Truncation Problem in 3D PET. F Ben Bouallègue, JF Crouzet, C Comtat, M Fourcade, B Mohammadi, D Mariano-Goulart. IEEE Trans Med Imaging 2007. Full text.


Une charge amyloïde cérébrale plus faible chez les patients Narcoleptique de type 1 : un effet protecteur du déficit en orexine ? A Gabelle, I Jaussent, F Ben Bouallègue, S Lehmann, C Grasselli, C Pesenti, D de Verbizier, D Mariano-Goulart, B Carlander, Y Dauvilliers. Médecine du Sommeil 2018.

Simultaneous dual-isotope 123I/99mTc acquisition using CZT-based cameras: toward a one-stop-shop SPECT in heart failure patients. T Blaire, A Bailliez, F Ben Bouallègue, D Bellevre, D Agostini, A Manrique. Médecine Nucléaire 2017. Full Text.

Actualités en cardiologie isotopique : applications des nouvelles caméras CZT. F Ben Bouallègue, E D’estanque, D Mariano-Goulart.  Médecine Nucléaire 2015.

Evaluation de la cinétique globale et segmentaire du ventricule gauche chez les patients connus ou suspects de cardiopathie ischémique : comparaison des données apportées en scintigraphie de perfusion myocardique et en tomoventriculographie isotopique. A Halkovich, D Mariano-Goulart, A Bourdon, M Sainmont, M Benkiran, F Ben Bouallègue. Médecine Nucléaire 2014.

Étude de l’impact d’une correction d’atténuation par tomodensitométrie en scintigraphie myocardique. M Benkiran, L Sibille, A Bourdon, F Ben Bouallègue, D Mariano-Goulart. Médecine Nucléaire 2012.


Imagerie médicale. Chapitre 9, Reconstruction tomographique.  F Ben Bouallègue et D Mariano-Goulart, publié sous l’autorité du Collège National des Enseignants de Médecine nucléaire. Elsevier-Masson 2017.

Ouvrir le corps sans laisser de traces. JF Crouzet, D Mariano-Goulart, F Ben Bouallègue.  Images des mathématiques. 2013.